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Does anyone know you better than you know yourself? Probably not. That’s why we don’t provide a ‘one solution fits all’, but the support you need to discover where your interests and skills lie and help further your development.

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Aegon’s ‘Perform and Develop’ approach to performance management is our global approach to performance management, and enables us to better support and prioritize our employees’ development.

This forward-looking approach focuses on frequent and ongoing dialogues led by employees. Goal setting at the start of each year, is all about an employee’s ambitions relating to their performance and development.

We encourage regular check-ins with managers to discuss feedback, and progress towards goals throughout the year. Our year-end conversations emphasize an employee’s impact, interests, and long-term career development.

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At Aegon we value personal development. That’s why we ask our people to think about how they wish to develop themselves based on their personal goals and ambitions. Within their current job or role and in anticipation of a next job or role.

Aegon employees – at all levels – are offered a wide range of development opportunities; both on the job (eg development assignments), through others (eg mentoring) as well as formal learning (eg training courses or online learning through our digital learning platform).

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