Here’s the fastest US carrier for 2023, says study

Opensignal has shared its latest in-depth reports on the overall mobile experience and the 5G performance of the major US carriers. For 2023, T-Mobile has held onto its big lead for metrics like download and upload speed and 5G availability. But AT&T and Verizon were able to notch some victories too. Here’s how much faster T-Mobile performed than its competitors and a look at more detailed metrics in Opensignal’s new study.

Opensignal published its July 2023 5G User Experience Report and its Mobile Network Experience Report for the US this morning which covers data collected between March and June 2023. The study is based on millions of devices and billions of measurements.

Continuing what Opensignal has found in its reports over the last couple of years – same with reports from Ookla – T-Mobile leads overall to the fastest and most consistent mobile experience.

Here’s a look at how the carriers compare overall:

T-Mobile won six out of eight categories including download and upload speed, live video and game experiences as well as consistency. Verizon won for the best voice app experience.

And AT&T was able to take the top spot for network availability with 99.4%. However, Verizon and T-Mobile were close behind with 99.2% and 98.3% availability.

T-Mobile’s speed vs AT&T and Verizon

Here’s how performance compared for overall 4G/5G average download speeds – T-Mobile at a 97.1 Mbps average, more than 2x Verizon and AT&T:

And T-Mobile also led with the fastest average upload speeds:

Mobile network consistency was even closer this time around than Opensignal’s last report, but T-Mobile came out on top with 79.8%:

5G performance of major US carriers

Continuing its big lead for 5G download speeds, T-Mobile kept a more than 2x faster average than AT&T and Verizon for 5G performance at 195.5 Mbps.

5G availability was an even bigger win this time around for T-Mobile with the latest connection being available almost 60% of the time. That’s compared to just 20.7% 5G availability for AT&T and 9.8% for Verizon

But even though T-Mobile won out in those two categories, Verizon took first place for every other 5G metric including 5G video experience, 5G live video experience, 5G voice app experience, and 5G upload speed.

For more details including regional performance, check out Opensignal’s full 5G User Experience Report and Mobile Network Experience Report.

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