CAF briefing raises alarm on recruitment shortage, suggesting more woke policies

The Trudeau government is struggling to meet Canada’s national security and international defense obligations as the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) faces a severe shortage of personnel.

According to a federal briefing note obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, only 5,242 Canadians volunteered to join the CAF in 2022, a 35% drop from 8,069 in 2021.

The briefing note, titled “Recruitment And Retention,” admits that the CAF is struggling to fill its ranks due to the Covid-19 pandemic and challenges related to encouraging people to apply for service.

“The Canadian Armed Forces serves Canada by defending our values, interests and sovereignty at home and abroad. However, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is experiencing a shortfall in personnel that has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and Canada-wide labor shortages,” the briefing note obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter stated.

The document also reveals the government’s plan to boost recruitment by lowering standards and promoting diversity over merit.

Instead of focusing on attracting qualified Canadians who are willing to serve and defend the country, the government is resorting to identity-based quotas to fill the gaps.

The briefing note says the CAF will “streamline and redesign” the recruitment process to speed up applications, recognize past experience, and allow permanent residents to apply.

It also pushes for more representation of women, indigenous and LGBT people in the CAF, claiming a need to “see the Canadian Armed Forces as a first-rate career choice where they will feel welcome, valued and safe.”

The briefing also cites the recent decision to eliminate “binary uniform and appearance choices,” giving members the option to choose their preferred uniform.

“Through these efforts, the CAF will become a first-rate career choice that will attract talented Canadians for years to come, thereby ensuring that the Forces is optimized to meet current and future security needs at home and abroad,” claimed the CAF.

As reported by True North last year, the CAF has opted to promote drag queen bingo and critical race theory (CRT) instead of dealing with the critical issues behind recruitment.

An anonymous source familiar with the matter told True North that CAF members had to sit through “CRT sessions we all had to endure and book recommendations from high ranking people.”

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