‘Thank you for affirming karma is real’

A woman on TikTok went viral after she went to a job interview with a man she’d previously gone on a date with and afterward was ghosted.

Rylie Jouett (@ryliejouett) posted her video explaining the situation, with the caption, “You seriously cannot write better material.”

“Karma is the nastiest b**** i ever met bc 6 years ago when i was 19 i ghosted the nicest guy who had the best intentions for me & tell me why he’s the person that’s interviewing me for a job that i desperately need tomorrow,” Jouett wrote in her post.

Early on, people in the comments weighed in on her karmic situation.

“Thank you for affirming that karma is real tho,” said @raeshelgoesglobal.

Her video has over 7 million views and more than 1.5 million likes since it was posted.

“I knew it was probably going to get a few thousand views because it was a light-hearted video that many people, especially women, could relate to,” she told In the Know by Yahoo.

However, she did receive a lot of backlash from viewers once the video began to go viral.

“It ended up going a lot further than that, and in my opinion, landed in front of the wrong audience on tiktok,” she said.

According to Jouett, she had to disable the comments due to young men and boys saying disparaging things about her appearance and claiming she’ll never get a job.

Before the comments were turned off, user @mmmmakenzie brought up the point that because she ghosted him, there might not have been a conflict of interest.

In a follow-up post, Jouett once the man realized who he was talking to, he began to discuss the possibility of getting her hired at another location because he felt it was a conflict of interest.

“I’m like, ‘What? You can’t even interview me because we kissed once like six years ago on a date? That’s just so strange to me.’” she said in the post.

Nevertheless, she was able to get an interview at that location, which she provided another update for.

She said she believed she was offered the job because the man wanted to move her onto an orientation. However, due to the pay and distance from her house, she felt that it might not have been the best fit.

Although Jouett noted the man had been nothing but professional and that she’d try to get moved to a location closer to her house, the entire situation wasn’t in her favour.

“I’m thinking that this one may just be an ‘L’.”

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