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Size does not matter.

David and Goliath is the biblical story of a small boy who volunteers to fight a giant warrior.

David didn’t have a chance. His odds were dismal. Conventional wisdom said he didn’t have the size or skills to win.

Yet, he defeats Goliath because he has a specific set of skills that transcends size.

Goliath was slow, had poor eyesight, wore bulky armor and carried a heavy sword. David was small but fast. He was an experienced sling thrower that catapulted a rock like a bullet.

Goliath was shot between the eyes and killed instantly.

This big vs. small stories related to your daily work/life.

Are you an entry-level employee trying to build a successful career in a competitive work environment?

Maybe you are a freelancer trying to compete against large consulting firms.

Are you a middle manager who is intimidated by powerful executives?

You get the picture.

David won because he had a specific skill. He had practiced thousands of times. In actuality, he had the upper hand because of this skill.

This story, expertly delivered by best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, explains why size does not matter.


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