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At Wilson Sonsini, we believe that when our individual attorneys grow, thrive, and succeed, the firm does, too. From the day you join the firm, you’ll find a professional community that has your back and has your future in mind.

We invest heavily in the professional development of our attorneys. We recruit the best and brightest, and we seek those who want to invest in their future careers. Plus we help them do it.

Our professional and career development programs range from substantive legal training to career coaching to business skills such as client management and networking. Our goal is to foster a robust, dynamic community of legal professionals who support, teach and help one another throughout the entirety of their careers.

As a member of our firm, you’ll be encouraged to continually hone your skills, capitalize on your colleagues’ expertise, and make your own mark on the firm and the industry.

We want to hire great people, develop great people, and retain great people. Our attorneys are our greatest resource and we believe in supporting them in their professional and career development.

The professional development department provides engaging and timely training to help our attorneys stay current in their practice areas and flexible in their practices. The career development department gives attorneys confidential individualized career guidance and coaching to help them develop the careers they want.

Develop Your Career With Support From Our Dedicated Professional Development Teams

With help from our professional development and career development staff, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Create personal career development plans with short- and long-term career goals and strategies.
  • Assess your skills and leverage your interests to build a practice that is challenging and meaningful.
  • Expand your client list and skill set through staffing opportunities suggested by the career development team.
  • Build knowledge and skills through in-house training programs, including just-in-time training available right when you need it.
  • Access supplementary training through external training resources, and learn at your own pace with our extensive library of on-demand courses.
  • Make professional connections, internally and externally, through introductions by a career development professional.
  • Create and grow productive client relationships facilitated with guidance from our team.
  • Build meaningful professional relationships with an assigned mentor, based on your goals and interests.
  • Take classes on how to use practice support tools.
  • Position yourself to take advantage of speaking and writing opportunities to raise your profile in the industry.
  • Learn to delegate, supervise, and deliver meaningful feedback to grow your management skills, including as part of our off-site academy programs.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills, such as client management, project management, and team management, often in active learning environments where you can practice in real time.
  • Address feedback, both formal and informal, to help you achieve your career goals and be successful.

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