The thought of having cops inside your home is probably not a comfortable thought for most of us given that it is often a sign that something has gone terribly wrong, but on Friday night the family of National Hockey League player William Carrier was very happy for them pressure.

Carrier, who currently plays as a forward for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, received a very special visit from the Las Vegas Metro Police on Friday night. According to Carrier’s wife, Caroline Vezina, the cops showed up for a scheduled visit last night in order to officially marry the couple, who had two beautiful young children, in the eyes of the state and the law.

The news was announced via Instagram with the caption reading “We are officially legally married directly from our kitchen. *** doing a real wedding event in 2024.”

If you think this was all Carrier’s idea then guess again, the news was actually announced via Caroline Vezina’s Instagram which would suggest that she was very much on board with the plan.

Here is a screenshot from her Instagram story:

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