The Czech-American former pro was shown a video of her ringing a bell at the clinic to signify the end of her cancer treatment, at which she broke down in tears. She explained: “I’m crying just looking at it again because you just can’t wait to ring the bell.”

Navratilova had radiation treatment every day for three weeks mixed with three weekly bouts of chemotherapy, which she claimed was “definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done”.

“That was the hard part because the first week was both chemo and radiation at the same time. When you start feeling lousy you’re not sure if it’s from the chemo or the proton. I didn’t really feel the proton until week three but then you get a sore mouth and your throat starts closing. Everything’s swollen and very uncomfortable, and the proton makes your saliva weird.

“You don’t really taste things the right way. Chemo does the same thing to your throat but then makes it dry. So, you’re just a hit from all ends and I don’t think the doctors are doing a very good job of telling you how the sex is going to hit the fans.”


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