Jakarta-Singapore Flight Ticket Prices ‘Explode’ to IDR 10 Million

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Prices for plane tickets abroad are soaring, caused by soaring aviation fuel prices. If you count the Jakarta-Singapore return trip, it now reaches more than IDR 8 million.

Whereas previously, round-trip trips to Singapore were only around IDR 2-3 million, with full-service airlines.

“To Singapore one way with low cost can be Rp. 3-5 million, so round trip reaches Rp. 6-10 million, whereas previously round-trip tickets (PP) with full service carriers were only Rp. 2-3 million,” said DPP chairman Astindo , Pauline Suharno, to CNBC Indonesia some time ago.

According to Traveloka, the price for plane tickets to Singapore as of May 31 one way has reached Rp. 3.4 – Rp. 3.8 with Super Air Jet, Lion Air, Scoot or low cost carrier (LCC) airlines.

To ride Garuda Indonesia or Batik Air (full service carrier) in the price range of IDR 4.2 – 5.7 million.

Meanwhile, ticket prices from Singapore – Jakarta are also around IDR 4.7 million – 6.2 million using Scoot, Air Asia, Jet Star (LCC). then with Batik airline Rp. 6.6 million.

This means that if you roughly calculate the price of a round-trip ticket to Singapore, it’s Rp. 8.5 – 10 for a round trip using an LCC plane, and Rp. 10.8 – 11 million for a full service plane.

If you take a peek at airplane ticket prices on the Traveloka website, for the Jakarta-Singapore flight on May 30 2022, a one-way direct flight scheduled for 21.45 WIB costs IDR 3,009.00, using Jetstar Asia Airways.

While using Singapore Airlines, with a scheduled departure of 19.00 WIB, you will be charged IDR 8,680,000 for one way.

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