From increased job satisfaction to improved collaboration, there are many reasons why an organization would relocate an employee. Employee relocation can bring many positive returns to employers, but is it a powerful tool to address the skills gap many organizations are facing?

This report, sponsored by CapRelo, examines perceptions of skills gaps that organizations face, and how employee relocation can address those knowledge gaps.

Virtually every organization surveyed agrees that they have a skill gap within their company and that addressing the skills gap is a priority with 64% considering it essential or a high priority. Companies are looking into many options to address this skills gap including relocation. approx two-thirds of respondents use relocation to address the skills gap in their organization.

How else are employers addressing skill gaps in their organization and how do they feel relocation is impacting these knowledge areas? Read our full report for insights into how companies see relocation when it comes to learning and development.


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