Graduating high school or college is an exciting accomplishment in every student’s life! This huge milestone should be celebrated to its fullest!

It is common for graduates to travel abroad before embarking on the next chapter of their life. Whether they want to gain practical work experiences or to explore different cultures around the globe, they will certainly make new, unforgettable memories! However, planning such a once-in-a-lifetime adventure might be overwhelming for some. To ease your graduates into it, why not gift them plane tickets (if your budget allows it) or simply useful travel gear?

If you need more inspiration, we curated a list of the best graduation gifts for travel lovers for you. Scroll down for the top 5 presents to celebrate your graduate’s hard work and achievement!

Volunteering Abroad ✈️

Volunteering as a graduation gift

Let’s start with the most expensive, yet most valuable gift of them all: volunteering abroad! After stressful years of studying hard, many graduates decide to travel abroad before going to college or starting their life as a professional. They aim to explore different countries, cultures, and make spectacular memories abroad.

But there is a way to make a trip even more meaningful! What do you think of a volunteering trip as a gift for your graduate? As a volunteer abroad, they will not only get to immerse themselves in a foreign country and its rich culture, but they will also get to change the life of its local community or wildlife for the better.

Volunteer World offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in over 80 countries. Whether your graduate is into childcare, wildlife conservation, or medical internships, our diverse programs will cater to their needs.

We are well aware that an all-expenses-paid trip may exceed your budget. However, Volunteer World also offers low-budget trips (even free-of-charge ones!) or a gift card if you prefer to partly finance your graduate’s volunteer trip.

camera as a graduation gift

Camera 📸

Everyone likes to capture incredible memories during their travels abroad, right? There are many kinds of cameras on the market you can choose from as a gift.

If your travel-loving friend is into extreme activities when traveling abroad, then an action camera is essential. However, they are also suitable for laid-back travelers! Most of the new action cameras are light and compact, making them portable and easy to pack. Besides, they are very durable since they are waterproof and shockproof. Perfect for taking high-quality pictures during a hike, diving, or simply at the beach!

Another fun way to preserve special moments in their purest forms is through instant or disposable cameras. They are easy to use, to carry, and will bring instant fun and enjoyment. These cameras will deliver charming physical prints that your graduates can easily share with families and friends after their trip abroad.

Regardless of the camera type, your graduates will be happy to document meaningful events and people during their adventures abroad.

travel backpack graduation gift idea

Sustainable Suitcases and Travel Backpacks 🧳

Of course, our list of the best graduation gifts for travel lovers would not be complete without a suitcase or travel backpack.

If your graduate is still using an old hand-me-down suitcase or beat-up luggage from their numerous travels, it’s time for a new one. What do you think of a sustainable suitcase as a gift? In the past years, sustainability has become more and more important, taking up many areas of our lives. The eco-friendly movement is also influencing our travels in the form of ecological tourism, giving back to local communities, or eco-friendly travel accessories. Sustainable suitcases come in many styles, colors, and sizes. Depending on the sustainable brand, you can even personalize your luggage!

An alternative gift to suitcases is (sustainable) travel backpacks! Made from recycled bottles or other eco-friendly materials, they bring many advantages. One of them being their easy transportation! If your graduate is traveling to a destination where its infrastructure mainly consists of uneven pavement, cobblestones, or dirt, travel backpacks are more convenient than a suitcase. Just like suitcases, travel backpacks come in different styles and sizes catering to the different needs of globetrotters.

noise-canceling headphones graduation gift idea

Noise-Canceling Headphones 🎧

Noise-canceling headphones are one of the best gifts for globetrotters. They will especially come in handy during noisy airplane rides, packed trains, or if they are sharing their hostel rooms with loud roommates.

Depending on the brand, noise-canceling headphones can be relatively expensive. Yet, they are worth every penny since they are extremely practical for travelers. Your graduates will definitely appreciate their new, useful gift!

re-usable bottle graduation gift idea

Re-usable Bottle or Tumbler 🍼

Whether you’re on the road or not, staying hydrated is important to stay healthy. It would be a shame if your travel-loving friend felt sick during their unforgettable adventure abroad, right?

Investing in a new, reusable water bottle is crucial for your graduate and the environment. Constantly buying single-use plastic water bottles on the road will eventually dent your wallet and create unnecessary trash for the environment. Did you know that the majority of plastic bottles end up in landfills, oceans, or roadside where they can’t be decomposed? Help protect the environment and make sure your friend stays hydrated during their adventure abroad by gifting them a new reusable bottle!

If your graduate prefers coffee or tea, gift them with an insulated tumbler that keeps their drink warm or cold for hours.

There you have it! A short list of the best graduation gifts for travel lovers. Which gift is perfect for your graduate friend or even for yourself? Leave your top pick in the comments below! If you want to give a volunteering trip as a present and need help, don’t hesitate to contact our live chat!


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