All eyes are on the University of Alabama as Fall sorority recruitment registration ramps back up. HBO is about to drop a documentary on what ‘Bama rush is really like behind-the-scenes, but one former student is already dropping gems on TikTok from her own personal experience.

Katherine Ellis (@itskatellis) posted a ‘GRWM-style (Get Ready With Me) video and spilled juicy tea on registration requirements, “dirty rushing” and how she dropped her house altogether.

It’s the kind of thing that will make you say, “Sisterhood! Am I right?”


Sisterhood! Am i right? #bamarush #sorority #alabama

Ellis said that if you want to rush, you need to decide months in advance, which is confirmed by the UA Panhellenic Association, as registration opened for Fall last week. What they ask for when you register is pretty rigorous.

“You have to submit photos of yourself. You have to submit your resume, letters of recommendation like I didn’t know I needed f*ing letters of recommendation to hang out with a bunch of girls and go to parties,” she said.

The first round, according to the creator, is all based on your GPA, and if you have below a 3.0 GPA, almost every single house could drop you, as that’s what happened to her.

“I wanted to drop after all those houses dropped me, but I was like you know what, I moved here early nine days to do this and I already invested $100 into this,” she continued. “We’re going to give it a try for at least the first semester and see how it goes.”

So, she did…until homecoming came around. Ellis explains the girls were forced to go “pomping,” which is rolling up tissue into little balls and sticking it onto a platform to make a school-spirited portrait.

Girls were required to be at the house for 8-hour pumping shifts and if they did not actively work, the hours didn’t count and they were fined $100 for every hour they missed.

“Not only would they take your phones so you couldn’t be on it, they would take your Bama ID card, so you literally couldn’t get into any other building in the school,” she explained.

Ellis found out that her dad had cancer and was undergoing a life-threatening surgery, so she missed a week of pumping and they fined her $4,000. This was the kicker that made her finally call it quits in Greek life.

Next, she said that rushing wasn’t always by the books and records a follow-up video about a friend of hers who was “dirty rushed.”


Replying to @Lakota i also got dropped by this house during rush bc mine was too low for them but was higher than hers 😂 so jealous #bamarush #sorority

Ellis had a friend with a 1.6 GPA and explained that “she had a good amount of Instagram clout. She’s gorgeous like had a bunch of followers, like a very ideal candidate.”

This friend did not want to rush, but she moved two days before school began, which happened to be the bid day.

“She had a lower GPA, definitely below the requirements for sororities,” Ellis said. “So, she moves in and gets a message the day before the bid day that’s basically like, ‘we would love to have you in our sorority if you’d want to join. Come to bid day at our house at 11 am tomorrow morning. ‘”

Usually, all the members meet at the football stadium, open up their bid day cards to see which house they got and then they run home with their pledge class.

This friend was able to skip the whole process and was already at the house with her gifted sign and shirt.

“[She] Didn’t have to go through the rush, pay the fees, buy all the outfits, didn’t have to go through the trauma and was fully a member,” she said.

There are many more secrets to come as HBO documented the whole process in their new film, Bama Rushwhich will air on May 23.


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