A Job Recruiter Shared The Dos & Don’ts For Your Resume & Here’s How You Can Stand Out

Making sure you have a solid resume is important when you’re applying for a job in 2023, and now one job recruiter is sharing tips on what you should and shouldn’t include in your application.

Bonnie Dilber, who says she’s a job recruiter for a tech company, shared her advice in a TikTok video and it includes everything from whether you should be including a picture to how long your resume should be and what you can leave out.

Dilber starts her video off by going over summaries, which she says are optional and the same goes for objectives.

“We know your objective is to get the job you applied for,” she included in the clip. “We’re going straight to your experiences.”

If you’ve ever wondered how long your resume should be, Dilber says there is no reason for the document to be longer than two pages “unless you have 20 plus years of highly relevant experience.”

“If you’re early in your career, one page is sufficient,” she added.

The job recruiter also explains that you don’t need to include a picture on your resume. She clarified in the comments that the advice is for people in the US, Canada and the UK, as employers in other parts of the world may require a photo.

When it comes to the skill sections of a resume, Dilber says recruiters “don’t really care about a list of skills.”

“We’re mostly looking at how you are using those skills in the roles that you have had.”


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Dilber’s next tip is about recruiters primarily focusing on the last two roles a candidate has had. That’s why she encourages people to leave out any roles that are completely irrelevant to the roles you’re applying for.

“You want about four to seven bullet points per experience and make sure you’re really focused on big outcomes, you include metrics and you really show what kind of impact you had,” she added.

As for listing your address, the recruiter says you don’t have to include exactly where you live, just a general metro area is “sufficient.”

Many people who watched Dilber’s video thanked him for the advice.

“You’ve literally helped me so much with this one video, I don’t know how to thank you,” one person wrote. “I’ve been struggling so hard with re-writing my resume.”

“Been following you on LinkedIn for some time. Just came across your tiktok & lovin the advice!!” another person commented.

If you’re looking for more job-related tips, Dilber frequently posts them on her TikTok page.

She recently made a video with tips on how to get an interview and highlighted how a candidate’s email address could be a red flag for an employer.

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