Thousands of PPS Surabaya Candidates for the 2024 Election Advance to Interview Selection – One by one the Surabaya voting committee (PPS) selection stages were completed. KPU Surabaya announced thousands of people who passed the interview stage after the written selection.

Commissioner of the Voter Education Socialization, Community Participation, and Human Resources (HR) Division of the Surabaya City KPU, Subairi, said that 1,045 people had passed the interview stage. From each district the number of PPS candidates is different.

For example, Asemrowo District with Benowo. From Asemrowo Sub-District, 19 PPS candidates made their way to the interview stage. Meanwhile, from Benowo District 28 people.

“The interview stage will be conducted on January 18-20 2023. The location is at the Surabaya City KPU Office, Jalan Adityawarman 87,” said Subairi when confirmed.

The materials that PPS candidates need to master during interviews are electoral knowledge, commitments that include integrity to professionalism, track record of prospective PPS members, and clarification of community input and responses.

The interviewees, said Subairi, were the commissioners of the KPU Surabaya. The people of Surabaya are expected to be able to provide input and responses to the track record of PPS candidates. Submission is made in writing. KPU Surabaya will wait until January 23 before PPS is sworn in on January 24.

Inputs and responses can be sent via email [email protected] or come directly to the Surabaya KPU Office from 08.00 to 16.00. Subairi stated that people who send input and responses need to include their identity documents.

Of the 1,045 numbers, KPU Surabaya will select according to needs. Per kelurahan, three PPS are needed. However, there are three PPS people who are included in the reserve list. There are a total of 154 sub-districts. “What is determined is 3 PPS people per sub-district and then 3 other people as backup,” said Subairi.

Editor : Bintang Pradewo

Reporter: Dimas Nur Aprianto

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