As competition between carriers continues to grow, one of the perks is more freebies like free access to Apple services, popular streaming services, and more. While it can take a bit of work to figure out exactly what benefits you have, one way to quickly check is right in your iPhone Settings.

In the US, T-Mobile and Verizon offer some of the best benefits to customers like free access to Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, iCloud+, Disney+, Netflix, MLS Season Pass, MLB.TV, and more. Interestingly, AT&T doesn’t offer any of those perks.

While you’ll need to head to your carrier’s website or app to activate some of the benefits, a handy option is to quickly check what Apple services you can get for free right in the iOS Settings app.

One thing to keep in mind, free access to Apple’s services (and others) via carriers may be for a limited time.

How to check carrier benefits on iPhone

Note: This button checks for free Apple services through your carrier

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. tap your name at the top
  3. Now pick Subscriptions
  4. At the bottom, look for Carrier Plan Benefits

Here’s how that looks:

How to check carrier benefits iPhone 1

If you’ve already enrolled in an Apple service or a benefit you’ve used has expired, you’ll see this message:

Your cellular plan doesn’t include any new subscriptions to Apple services.

If you want to double-check your other carrier benefits, head to your provider’s website or app. Here are the benefit landing pages for T-Mobile (most benefits with Magenta plans) and Verizon (most benefits with Unlimited Verizon plans).

Thanks for reading our guide on how to check carrier benefits on iPhone!

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