50 CT Corp Companies Open 2,200 Vacancies, Register Here!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – CT Corp opens massive job vacancies in CT Corp Recruitment. A total of 2,200 opportunities were opened for tens of companies under the auspices of CT Corp.

Transmedia Director Latif Harnoko said there were around 50 companies under CT Corp that opened job opportunities in 250 positions. Ranging from career positions in financial companies to media companies will be opened at the CT Corp Recruitment event.

“We will also carry out the recruitment process at the Allo Bank Festival. We did not realize that when we consolidated CT Corp it would take almost 2,200 more employees. That’s almost more than 50 companies,” said the man who is familiarly called Noko as quoted from detikcom, Thursday (12/12/2019) 5/2022).

He explained that registration for job applications can be done at official website. Those who are interested can also check the applications available on the website.

As for the mechanism, prospective applicants first register on the website. Furthermore, the test was carried out during the Allo Bank Fest 2022 event.

“Open career.allofest.com, enter there, fill in the data, and a confirmation email will be sent to it. Later there will be feedback on when the test number will be, it will be determined later depending on the quota,” said Noko.

Noko said that CT Corp Recruitment was not just a massive job vacancy event. Applicants can also while looking for entertainment by visiting Allo Bank Fest.

As is known, this career opportunity was opened along with the holding of the Allo Bank Festival 2022. This big festival will be held from 20-22 May at Istora Senayan, Central Jakarta.

“So they can watch the events we have. So it’s not an ordinary job recruitment, it’s also part of the festival. Can look for entertainment. So if asked where are you going? Not looking for a job, but going to Allofest. Thank God for joining CT Corp,” he concluded.

CT Corp RecruitmentPhoto: CT Corp Recruitment

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