3 of The Best Careers for Petrolheads (That Doesn’t Include Being a Mechanic!)


With automotive-related manufacturing contributing an estimated £14 billion in value to the UK economy each year – careers in this industry are not to be sniffed at. However, other than becoming a mechanic, automotive professions are not easily discussed, making the transition into the working world difficult for petrolheads.

Fortunately, if you’d rather have a career behind the wheel than a computer screen, there are loads of job opportunities for car lovers, which don’t include being a mechanic. From becoming a taxi driver and an auto journalist to test-driving supercars and a car sales manager, we outline several of the best careers for petrolheads below:

Auto Journalist

If you fancy yourself as the next face of Top Gear alongside the likes of Richard Hammond, consider getting your foot in the automotive industry by trying your hand at auto journalism. So long as you have a passion for writing about cars as much as you do for driving them, being an auto journalist can be a very enriching career in the automotive sector.

As well as being entrusted to report all the latest news in the motoring world, you will be the first to hear about new products, technological changes and trends. Depending on your success ad how valued your opinions become, you may also get to test-drive the latest developments.

However, like all jobs involving writing, although having a sound knowledge of motoring is helpful, it is equally important to have proper literacy skills. Let’s face it; no one will tune into your radio show or subscribe to your column if it’s not well presented (even if you do have the car knowledge to rival Jeremy Clarkson!), so ensure you get the writing part nailed down too!

Taxi Drivers

If your main goal in your professional life is to be behind the wheel, you can’t get a much better career than being a taxi driver. As a cab driver, you can tour some of the most sought-after destinations in the UK, work flexible hours, get started quickly, meet new people, help others, and many more benefits beyond living for a living (although that comes close to the top!).

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Car Sales person

We all remember the feeling of buying our first car and the exhilaration we felt the first time we got behind the wheel. As a car salesperson, you can give motorists this feeling every day, providing that you have charisma, charm, and the ability to sell ice to Eskimos.

Although you will spend most of your time in the office instead of going out on the road, you’ll get to do what you love; talking to people about cars and helping them drive away with their dream vehicle. Plus, you’ll also get to take customers out on test drives and test-drive new vehicles your dealership gets, so it’s the best of both worlds!


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